About us

Valuego is a complete packaging solutions provider. We provide innovative solutions for packaging, from designing and developing custom packaging to manufacturing, printing and distributing. Valuego offers a range of packaging solutions for almost any product, with a focus on cost-effective, environmentally sustainable and innovative options.


Organizations are moving towards sustainable, recyclable mono materials for packaging, guided by experts to ensure seamless integration without affecting productivity. This comprehensive service includes analyzing current packaging, proposing improvements, cost estimation, trials, and transition support. The goal is to enhance organizational value while maintaining efficiency during the sustainability transition. Further information is available upon request.

In addition to our high-quality packaging solutions, we also offer personalized support and guidance to ensure that you not only find the right packaging solutions for your business, but also know how to work with them properly. We take pride in building long-term partnerships with our clients and providing them with the support and guidance they need to succeed.

Valuego X2 Liner

The Valuego X2 Liner is developed to provide customers with an innovative and sustainable frozen food block solution. Frozen food blocks need to maintain food quality and freshness whilst offering customers an easy to handle process from A to Z. With the Valuego X2 Liner, we offer that and more.


We make your packaging  sustainable

Valuego Global is a sustainable packaging company that is committed to minimising our customers environmental footprint by using renewable and recyclable materials.