More and more organizations are striving to make their packaging materials more sustainable. Our experts provide guidance from A to Z during this process.


The packaging market is increasingly demanding mono materials opposed to composite films because of their better recyclability.
Transitioning to a new packaging material is an important step that must be taken as effectively as possible to prevent the productivity of your company from suffering as a result of this sustainability step.

Our experts have extensive experience in the field of food packaging and know how to make this step most effectively. We provide guidance from developing the right mono materials for your specific applications to making these new materials run smoothly within your machine park. We aim to add value to your organization with our knowledge and products, we unburden your organization during this sustainability transition so that you can continue to focus on your production business.


We assist companies in transitioning to mono materials while taking into account all requirements regarding food safety, appearance, recyclability and pricing. Here is how we work:

  1. You provide us with information regarding the product you are packing and the material that you are currently using.
  2. We make a proposition on how to maintain or improve the values of your packaging material whilst transitioning to mono material.
  3. We make a quotation based on your consumption.
  4. Upon approval of our quotation we provide you with a trial reel of the new mono material and a mock-up of your current product in the new material.
  5. We assist during the trial by having one of our experts on site.
  6. After a successful completion of the trial the transition can start.


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