The material which the Valuego X2 Liner consists of is the result of a study performed on current frozen fish block packaging. The virgin fiber kraft liner which makes up the basis of our Valuego X2 Liner is coated with a revolutionary material that consists of 100% biological ingredients. Because of this combination of materials the Valuego X2 Liner avoids frostbite, dehydration, ice and air pockets like no other frozen food block liner, resulting in the best ever food block packaging solution.

TRULY 100% Biodegradable

After removing the Valuego X2 Liner from the frozen or already defrosted food block, the Valuego X2 Liner can be disposed with regular old paper as it is 100% biodegradable. Our liners are the first food block liners in the world made with a revolutionary 100% biodegradable coating. Our coating makes regular partially artificial and not 100% biodegradable coatings a thing from the past. Our food block liners are truly 100% biodegradable which is better for our planet, and better for your food.

A mineral oil barrier

Valuego research has shown that the Valuego X2 Liner forms a perfect barrier against the migration of mineral oils (Mosh Moah). Mineral Oils can be harmful for your health and thus for the quality of the foodstuffs we are packing. Whereas usual packaging materials are often made from recycled paper containing ink and other carriers of mineral oils, our revolutionary X2 material is 100% free of mineral oils and keeps them out of your precious foodstuffs at the same time!

Custom Sizing

Valuego X2 Liners are available in custom sizing. Therefore, we are able to supply and support our customers according to their needs in order to process and pack their food blocks in the best way possible. The Valuego X2 Liner can be designed to fit various dimensions which enables us to provide tailor made solutions to our customers resulting in the highest food safety packaging solution for their food to be packed, stored and transported in.

A Revolutionary Frozen Food Block Packaging Solution

For us at Valuego it is of the utmost importance to consistently offer the best quality in order to always ensure the highest food safety for the worldwide food industry. The Valuego X2 Liner is designed for optimal processing time, minimal waste and easy handling from packing to unpacking. During the processing, transportation and storage process of frozen food blocks, it is crucial that foodstuffs retain their original quality without any migration of mineral oils into the food. When the customer defreezes the frozen food block, it is necessary to ensure a smooth release of the liner resulting in the perfect block.

Foods frozen in our Valuego X2 Liners such as Fish, Chicken, Pork, Beef and various other types of foodstuffs retain their original quality to be further processed within hours of production or years after being put into frozen storage.

Freezing and Defreezing

We at Valuego think further. Since the Valuego X2 liner consists of virgin fiber kraft liner in combination with a 100% organic coating, we provide the world’s first frozen food block liner that enables the food block to be frosted and defrosted inside the liner without specific time limitations. The customer can freeze the food block according to the time lines in its processing process. When the Valuego X2 Liner has arrived at the end-customer, the frozen food block can be defrosted inside the Valuego X2 Liner without deteriorating the quality of the food. No more time limits to freezing the food block after it has been packed, no more time limits to defreezing the food block inside the liner after it has arrived at the end-customer.